Principal Capital Public Company Limited (“Company”) was incorporated in 2000 under the name “Metrostar Property Company Limited” to engage in property development business.


the Company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


In 2013 there was a change in Shareholder and the Company was renamed as Principal Capital Public Company Limited.


From the end of 2017, the Company’s major business is private hospital and hospital management business together with property development for rent with good quality project within the CBD area in respond to customers’ needs. It also offers full-service office building management services in term of sale, administration, accounting as well as the management of private hospitals and healthcare by the professional team with fairness and transparency. Apart from this, the Company also expands its business to software implementation service and business consultancy service.

Vision and Mission


PRINC will become more healthcare focused, invest in healthcare property and be a trusted hospital management organization with emphasis on digitalization and efficiency, while fully utilize the properties we currently own, for the utmost benefits of all stakeholders.


  • To provide professional hospital management services, along with non-medical shared services, to our subsidiary hospitals as well as our partner hospitals.
  • To efficiently operate the hospital, with the use of IT, to deliver the desired outcomes in every perspective including financial, service quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • To strengthen our network of hospitals through partnership and new acquisitions.
  • To develop viable health-related projects to serve potential markets both in our own properties and in new promising sites. 
  • To take part in enhancing the health of the community and creating a sustainable healthy society. 
  • To continually develop our human resources to be competent with up-to-date technology, enhanced with new capabilities, and adaptive to our fast-growing organizations. 
  • To provide service, analysis, design, installation of software that respond to customers’ needs by skillful teamwork to support healthcare service business, the main business of the Company.
  • Determine to develop excellence in service providing of existing hotel and serviced apartment in order to build customer satisfaction.

Organization Structure

Shareholding Structure

Board of Directors

Dr. Pongsak Viddayakorn (M.D.)
Honorable Chairman

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr.John LEE Kohshun
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Independent Director and Audit Committee

อุณากร พฤฒิธาดา

Mrs. Unakorn Phruithithada
Independent Director and
Chairman of the Audit Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sillapaporn Srijunpetch (Ph.D.)
Independent Director and
the Audit Committee Member​

จุฑามาส อิงโพธิ์ชัย

Dr. Jutamas Ingpochai
Independent Director and
the Audit Committee Member

Director and Executive Committee

สาธิต วิทยากร

Dr. Satit Viddayakorn (Ph.D.)
Managing Director, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Risk Management Committee


Mr. Veera Srichanachaichok
Director, Executive Director, Risk Management Committee and Acting Chief Financial Officer


อัจฉรา รัตนพันธุ์ศรี

Mrs. Achara Ratanaphunsri

สาครินทร์ ตังคะวชิรานนท์

Mr. Sakarin Tangka-vachiranon