Dividend Payout and Warrant Holders

Dividend Payout and Warrant Holders

Dividend Payout Policy

 The Company has dividend payout policy of  no less than 40% of net profit. The Company will consider various factors to  determine the dividend, such as operation result, business expansion plans,  liquidity, necessity, and other factors in the future. The Company’s Board of  Directors holds the right to consider and make decision for the best benefit of  shareholders. ​

Information of Warrant Holders

On August 20, 2013, the Extraordinary General Meeting of 2013 resolved to approve the allocation of newly issued ordinary shares (PRINC-W1) of the Company up to 466,900,000 shares to existing shareholders of the Company at the ratio of 1 existing share to 1 newly issued shares. Details are as follows:

Type of shares:  Specified holders and transferable
Offered price per share:  0 Baht (Zero Baht)
Subscription ratio:  1 existing share to 1 newly issued share
Exercise price per share:  1.20 Baht per share
Date of exercise:  Every 3 months, starting from the issuance date.
First date of exercise:  December27, 2013 and last day of exercise : September 30, 2016. Date of issuance : October 1, 2013
Validity:  3 years after the issuance date

The Stock Exchange of Thailand approved the warrants as registered securities on November 1, 2013 in the amount of 466,850,000 shares. During the years 2014 Warrant holders used the right only 3 times  of 13,904,500 units as follows:

As of December 31. 2014, there were unsubscribed warrants in the amount of 452,925,500 units
During the year 2015, the warrant holders have notified the intention to exercise the right to purchase ordinary shares for 3 times, totaling of 10,251,700 units. The details of exercising the right are as follows;
As of December 31, 2015, the remaining non-exercised warrants were 442,673,800 units.